Procession in honor of the Virgen del LLedó

On the first Sunday of May, the great day of our Patron, after the traditional liturgical acts, the general procession took place around the Basilica with the participation of GAiata 15 Sequiol, represented by several members of the major and children’s commissions, accompanying Iker, Nagore and Agueda, our top representatives in Magdalena 2.018.
For a path of orange leaves and rose petals falling from the sky, our Mareta left the Basilica one more year to greet her people. Viva cheers, masclets, carcasses, music and dance and a lot of feeling around the LLedonera.
Many were the Sequiolos that lived this first hand, Nino Turch, Chema Orozco and Adrian Nebot as barreros de la Virgen, a very demanding task but a pride and a great satisfaction above all. A few meters ahead of them the Belen drought GUINEA, elegant in black and with a mantilla, accompanied San Vicente.
In front were the Sequiolas Maria Sebastiá and Elisabeth Breva.And finally as a member of the cofradia government, the vice president of the Gaiata 15 Sequiol, Vicente Javier Queral.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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