Dates calculator for the festivities of la Magdalena and other festivals that vary according to lent for the years 1584-2499.

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Third Saturday of Lent - Pilgrimage of the "Canyes"
(up to the year 1792)
Third Sunday of Lent - Pilgrimage of the "Canyes"
(from the year 1793 by decision of Bishop Climent)

The dates of home and end of Magdalena indicated then is will have in has for them years later to 1945, date in that begins the new structure of 9 days of party to commemorate the transfer of Castellón to the plain.

Saturday Magdalena begins
Sunday Magdalena ends

Other dates that depend on Lent

Thursday of Carnival (Carnival begins)
Carnival Sunday
Carnival Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
Wednesday's ash - Starts the Lent
First Friday of Lent
Second Friday of Lent
Third Friday of Lent
Fourth Friday of Lent
"Dolores" Friday
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Ascension Day
Corpus Christi