Dinner of Queen

As the tradition dictates, the Queen of the 2019 parties, NAtalia Palacio invited the maxi-Gaiateros representatives with a magnificent dinner before the beginning of the MAgdalena 2019.
In a central hotel in Castellon was celebrated the traditional dinner with the Queen, her godmothers and presidents of the 19 Gaiatas, accompanied by the ladies of the city and representatives of the parties, Noelia Selma and the chairman of the board Omar Braina.On such a special night, the maximum representatives of Sequiol, Andrea Moles and President Elisabeth Breva shone with their own light.
An act of brotherhood between the maxi representatives of our festivities, where besides dinner, gifts were exchanged and danced, laughed and chatted about many things, but especially the beginning of the Magdalena 2019.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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