Royal Postman at the Sequiol

he magical day of the Innocents, was the one chosen by the emissary of SSMM Kings of the East to collect the missives of the children in the Sequiol. At 8 pm, the new Cau del Sequiol, especially decorated for the time being the Royal Postman of His Majesties the Three Wise Men of the East, where innumerable children of the commission, neighbors and friends awaited him, all of them carrying the letter with Your wish for gifts.

In the first place were the representatives of the cupcake 2017: Teresa, Marcos and Beatriz, who delivered the letter with their wishes to the Postman. Accomplished with the protocol act, they wanted to be an active part, helping the Royal Mailman, giving a few details to all the children there.

Illusion, nerves, a pile of sensations, one by one, were passed by the arms of the Royal Mailman, the boys and girls who had been waiting for him for some time. Everyone wanted to talk to him to clarify the details of their requests and make it very clear how good they had been during the year that was over. And then, deposit their letter themselves in the REAL BUZON.

Once all the letters were delivered, it was our President Elisabeth, who addressed a few words to the Royal Mailman, informing him that all the children of the Sequiol had behaved well, had done all their homework and at home, in short, that the SEQUIOLOS are Very good boys and girls.

Then the Postman of the Three Kings, who wanted to tell all the boys and girls to remain good, to pay attention to their parents and to be good people to get those gifts as expected. Everyone present stunned the words of the Royal Mailman, with faces of illusion and bright eyes of emotion.

A splendid xocolatá that delighted the attendants, small and not so small put the end point to an evening full of illusion and requests.


Photos courtesy of Ediciones Digitales Muphy

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