Tale “Pirate” of the colla Bacalao

The colla Bacalao presented “Pirata”, its twelfth tale about Berber, and the Gaiata 15 Sequiol did not miss the appointment, going with its top representatives for Magdalena 2,018, Agueda, Nagore and Iker.
For the occasion, the dreaded pirate Barbarroja sent his daughter to present the story about Berber, edited by Colla and written by journalist and art critic Patricia Mir with illustrations by the artist Sara Bellés.
During the entertaining presentation, Patricia read aloud the story, while the images of “Alvaro”, the protagonist of the story that Sara has created in this new edition, were projected on a screen. Afterwards, the authors signed copies of the story to all the assistants .
After the act, the friends of BAcalao offered an aperitif to the attendees

Fotos cortesía de Edicione Muphy

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