Reception at Cortes 2018 and 2019

Once the elections of Queens and ladies Ed the city were made, the world of the party will meet again at the Palau de la Festa, to celebrate the reception of Queens and Ladies 2018 and 2019. The first to put the golden brooch to their year and the Second to welcome them, Beatriz Belenguer received her golden brooch and Nagore welcome. The event counted with the emotional parliaments of farewell of Carla Bernat and Lucia Burguete Queens of 2018 and the parliaments of the newly elected Natalia Collazos infant Queen and Natalia Palacio Queen 2019, ending with the words of the mayor, Amparo Marco.As members who will be from the courts of the Queens of the parties, our godmothers for 2019, Andrea Moles and Natalia darling, accompanied by MARC Osorio Child President and President Elisabeth Breva.
With the photographic perch was put to the end of the event. Congratulations to all

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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