Received to the Corts 2017 and 2018

On the other hand, the representatives of the Board of Festes and Patrons of the Patronat, the monastery of the Festa, is the meeting of the migrants, in the Same place, in addition, to celebrate for another year, the reception to the Queens and Ladies of the year 2017 and 2018. To the first ones to pose the colofó i the fermall d’or to any other year the privileged of the accompaniment of Estefania With the Reina de les Festes, they would be able to donate them the benvinguda where we have Estefania to Beatriz, Madrina Sequiolera 2017, with the Lady of the City of Queen Carla.
The act will count with the parlaments emotius i nostàlgics de comiat d’Estefania i Berta, Reines 2017, i amb els parlaments emotions of Lucia, Kid queen 2018, and Carla, Reina 2018, finishing with the speech of the l’alcaldessa of The City, Amparo Marco.
With the integrants who will be from the Cort of the Queens of the Festes, the ours Madrines for the 2018, Àgueda Ibars and Nagore Garcia, come to the solemn act accompanied by President kid Iker Miralles and President Elisabeth.
In addition to the photographs in the stairs of the municipal building, an act that marks the beginning of any replet of happiness and the party was finishing.
Congratulations to everybody.

Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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