presetation of our llibret

After months of intense work, the moment arrived our “llibret”.
All the events celebrated throughout the year, the Magdalena programming that is coming. As well as different articles of interest, this year dedicated to the Cavalcade of the Pregó, have their place in the “llibret” of parties of each year, we carry out with the, axima dedicaciomisionados, partners, neighbors and friends of the Sequiol.And why not, to be able to choose the different prizes, like the prize to the best article, the cover, the use of the Valencian, or the absolute prize to the best “llibret”.

To the act of the Presentation, attended a vast representation of the festive world Madrinas, children’s godmothers, children presidents and presidents of most of Gaiatas amigas.El president of honor of the columnist, the author of the cover, the authors of the poster of the parties de la Magdalena 2.018, commissioners, partners and many friends, nobody wanted to miss such an emotional act.
The president Elisabethentreferred the first copies to the posts of 2,018, Agueda, Nagore and Iker, following with the rest of guests. After the distribution of “llibrets”, the event ended with a snack offered to all attendees at this interminable event.
The LLibret is already in the street, the parties are here, now all that is missing is that everything goes according to the schedule and that all enjoy our week of parties.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

Fotos cortesía de Edicione Muphy

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