Presentation Gaiata 4 ” L’Armelar “

Last gaiatera presentation before the mandatory stop for Christmas, this time to make a compliment to the commissions of the Gaiata 4 “L’Armelar”.

A night with a very traditional flavor, which had as a thread a small representation about the past and the beginning of “L’Armelar” in Castellón. Gaiata 4 reminded us in an endearing act, the expansion of the city to the almond trees. It was the script chosen to present to the commissions of the gaiata 4 “L’Armelar”, which ended with the rise to the stage of the maximum representatives for the Magdalena of 2018: Child Madrina Laura Soto Aliaga, and Madrina Claudia Ortuño Salvador, accompanied by the President of this association, Ramón Guiñón Antonino.

At the end of the presentation, our maximum representatives were not Magdalena 2018, Àgueda, Nagore and Iker, who received the corresponding visits in the box, given that they were in Burriana accompanying the friends of Falla friend Barri València. On this occasion, the Madrines of Honour were the ones who acted as maximum representatives of Sequiol in the Palau de la Festa. Raquel Prats and Martina Aguilera, then received in the box the visit of the Queens of the Festivals and the Ladies of the City, accompanied by the President and members of the Junta de Festes and by the President of the Patronat Municipal de Festes, to congratulate us Christmas, and also to the top representatives of Gaiata 17 “Tir de Colom” to invite us to your presentation after the Christmas holidays. Congratulations to the friends of l’Armelar and good luck to the friends of Tir de Colom.


Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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