Presentation Gaiata 18 “Cremor”

On Saturday October 13th, was celebrated the presentation of the Gaiata 18 in the midst of the festivities of the Virgin of Pilar and the day of the Hispanic., where the godmothers PAulina and Rosa were the protagonists of the night, accompanied by the President Juan Antonio LLeó.
The guiding thread of the presentation was the music, in its various varieties and styles. The gaiata of the Sequiol, was present with a nutyrida representation, the vice-President Jorge Martí, Andrea, NAtalia and Marc.
Next week corresponds to the Gaiata 14, responsible for carrying out this week the offering to the manager. We have only two more weeks left and we will be the protagonists, and therefore the following week to perform our act of Presetnacion.
Congratulations to the Gaiata 18, and luck to the companions of the Gaiata 14.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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