Presentation Gaiata 14 “Castalia “

The cold drop was moving away and the clears loomed in the sky to leave a perfect night’s party. They wanted to review the 75-year history of our festivities.
As the night went on, they recalled the changes introduced over time in the different Magdaleneros acts, becoming more popular. Meanwhile, the stage was filled until it was completed. The top representatives of the Gaiata 14 for Magdalena 2019, children’s godmother Emilie Fajardo and godmother Noelia Sanchez accompanied by President Daniel MArtí.
At the end of the top representatives of the GAiata 7 went through the boxes to give us the invitation. Congratulations Gaiata 14 and luck to the companions of the Gaiata 7 “Cor de la Ciutat ”

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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