Presentation Gaiata 11 “Forn del PLa “

The bad weather did not tarnish the staging of the gaiata of the “San Felix RAval”. A very marchosa night in the PAlau, set in the Mitica disco Studio 54. While they decided on the local model of night that Desseaban for the local, some dancers delighted us with their numbers of dances.. The thread of the music was filling the stage to complete it with the maximum representatives for the Magadalena 2019, godmother Paula Marin and Estela Bastida accompanied by President Luis Sanchez.
Before the “Rollo y caña ” The representatives of the Gaiata 1 “brancal de la ciutat ” came to the place to distribute their invitations for presentation to our positions, Andrea, Natalia, Marc and President Elisabeth.
Congratulations Gaiata 11 “Forn del pla ” and luck to the Gaiata 1 “brancal de la ciutat “.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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