Magdalena Vítol

On Sunday In the morning we celebrate the traditional paellas contest that brought together many neighbors and friends, plus our commission.

At the end of the meal, it was time to start picking up, so we went to take out bars, tables and chairs, cleaning the streets, and putting a bit of order.

Later, accompanied by the charanga, we participated in the final parade and Magdalena Vitol. The fiestas are over, but there was one final act to celebrate the extinction of the gaiatas. So we finished the events in the main square, Beatriz, Teresa and Marcos moved again to the sector, where they proceeded to the extinction of the gaiateros monuments. The next day they would be transferred back to the Municipal store.

It ends a week of fantastic parties, in which the good weather had made people, more than ever, spend all day in the street and participate massively in all acts prepared by the party meeting, Gaiatas, Entes linked and Collas. Now it plays, what it touches, is to begin to prepare the cupcake 2.018 that in which “Records d’infantesa” will be the gaiata of the whole City.

Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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