Lorenzo Ramírez, rest in peace

One of those news that makes you tremble, that you turn your soul inside out, because knowing it certain, it costs to believe. Yesterday, Lorenzo Ramírez, painter, poet, artist of the “terreta” and great friend of our Gaiata told us goodbye.

Author of numerous Posters and covers of Llibret, Lorenzo has always supported the people of the “Festa”, and that is why he had the honorary titles in the associations like for example the Cavallers, the Moors of Alqueria, Rei Barbut, Templaris,. .., and in 2017 “Gaiater de l’Any”, title that officially received the day of the Tribute to the Sector Commissions in the Palau and that made of an intrinsic form, drawing strong applause from the present public.

The painter who has best known the images of Magdalena, which has given more movement to the skirt of the castellonera in two dimensions, which more majestic has made the pilgrimage in black and white, which has more elegant drawing the Lledonera, La Mareta whom Lorenzo liked so much to paint, and who should have a cover on his shoulders two Sundays at the great party of our Patron.

Many are the covers of Llibrets Sequiolers that bear the signature of Lorenzo, many of the collaborations of the Master with our Association. In 2014 Gaiata 15 named it the first “Sequioler de l’Any”, a burden that receives with maximum emotion, with passion, like everything he did.

Just a few months ago, and as a thank-you for his position as Gaiater of the Year, Lorenzo gave masterful drawing lessons to the boys and girls of all the Gaiatas. The groggy faces looked at the Master without being able to create the ease with which it is drawn and give rise to a great drawing. But who most enjoyed in classes, without a doubt, was the Painter, with his ability to transmit passion and pass on.

Castellón has today lost a person dedicated to the aggrandizement of their traditions. A great artist and a better person.

We do not know if you have taken the brushes and canvases with you, but one thing is certain, Friend Lorenzo, and it is that the Mantle of the Lledonera is sheltering you.

Rest in peace


Works by Lorenzo Ramírez for A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol” publications.


Photos courtesy of Ediciones Digitales Muphy & A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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