came one of the most anticipated appointments, the moment at which the city pays homage to the queens. A solemn and very emotional act, with mascleta effects was welcomed both to the Godmothers, court of honor, Ladies of the City, and on the occasion of the 75th anniversary the projection of the queens since 1956, entered the godmothers among which was our Lourdes Climent.Finally, after climbing the Ladies of the City, among which is our sequioloera Agueda, Queen Carmen, a sequiolera Nuria Miravet and the president of the 17 Javi Gimeno were in charge of making the speech that was full of emotion. To close the act and after they came down all but the queen received 41 castneras who have preceded her in office. I’ll give it a round of applause, something you’ll never forget. We end up with music and dancing.

Fotos cortesía SEQUIOL

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