Fallas in Burriana and Vall d’Uxó

The day of San José, the highest representatives of Sequiol for Magdalena 2,018, Agueda, Nagore and Iker, accompanied this time by Vice President Jorge, accompanied the friends of the “FAlla del Barri Valencia” in Burriana and the “Falla la lacking “from the Vall d’Uxó, on the big day of the Josefinas fiestas.
Good morning they participated in the offering of the Virgen de la Misericordia of BUrriana, once completed, this together with the beautiful carpet of flowers, they moved to the neighboring town of Vall d’uxó to see the last mascleta delas fallas 2.018.
Later, to regain strength, they stayed with the faller commission to eat an appetizing paella in their fallero house, where apart from sharing table and tablecloth, they had the opportunity to witness a fun fashion show.
After a nice afternoon, they returned to Burriana to await the arrival of that special moment for the Fallas commissions, the time to burn their monuments.

A magical, special moment, lived with intensity by all falleros and which were witnesses of the first line, Agueda, Nagore and Iker, our positions of 2,018.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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