Because We deserve it

We mereciamos it. Yes, after all the year working. We all make up a big family Sequiolera, so we have met once again, around a table to celebrate that there is no unsurpassed challenge for our gaiata, and that the passion that we put the Sequiolos in the day to day, consolidates Sequiol as the best Gaiata of World.
It was a day of gratitude and brotherhood, the perfect time to join forces and launch trampoline to a new festive cycle. And so it passed, between laughter, memories and desires, a day where the Sequiolos came out reinforced thanks to the esteem of Castellon and its traditions. This is the second time this event is held. Elisabeth again had words of pride and gratitude to her Sequiolos. Thank you all at heart to all the Sequiolos.

Fotos cortesía de gaiata 15 sequiol

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