Presentation Gaiata 5 “Hort dels Corders”

A cursed table full of hieroglyphs, found inside a curious museum, was the culprit of an unexpected trip to Ancient Egypt. Thus, the Pharaohs and also the well-known seven plagues of that civilization, took possession of a Palau set around the country of Queen Cleopatra.

This week was the turn of gaiata 5, and between Egyptian adventures and dances, we were presented to its commissions, led by the highest representatives of MAgdalena 2.018, the child godmother janire jaén and the godmother Lledó García, accompanied by the president of the Arantxa Miralles commission.

It must be said that among the dancers were the sequillas Marta Gual and Laura Turch, spectacular on the stage !.

At the end of the event, we received the invitation from the representatives of the gaiata. Our charges 2018 Agueda, Nagore and Iker, acoompañados by President Elisabeth, gave the congratulations to the gaiata 5 and wished luck to Gaiata 9.

Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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