Feast of the Rose “VORA SEQUIA”

After the first weekend dedicated to the castellonera woman, and especially to our Patroness, she continued the month of May with the events of the crown festival of aragon, the rondallas in the streets of our city, and all kinds of cultural activities Such as the Night of Art.

In our neighborhood, it was time to celebrate our special party of the Rose Sequiolera.

Once again, and it’s already 9 years, the evening was enlivened by friends Vora Sèquia rondalla, with their boleros and ballads, songs of love and melancholy, sweet words and beautiful melodies dedicated to the women and girls of the Squiol. A I hope this year’s first song was a tribute to the friend who just left us, the painter Lorenzo Ramirez to rest in peace.

An evening that brought together numerous women, including our godmothers Beatriz and Teresa and President Elisabeth, later the infant president Marcos, distributed roses to the girls and the women present.

There was also a place for the recognition, in this case of Nuria Salvador, who totally disinterested collaborated in the week of celebration with the celebration of the Workshop of traditional sweets. Thus received from the hands of our top representatives, a memory in the form of our Panderola, as a thank you from the Sequiolera commission.

The night would end with the second edition of the concert of serenades in charge of the rondalla Sequiolera …… but that is another story.

Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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