Awards XIV school competition of model gaiata “Ciutat de Castello”

With the president of the municipal patronat Miss Sara Uso, as well as other councilors of the Municipal Corporation, the Queens of the parties Estefania Climent and Berta Montañes, the highest positions of the Sequiol for the magdalena 2,017 Teresa Doumere, children’s president Marcos Rodriguez, and godmother Beatriz Belenguer, Celebrated the awards ceremony of the XIV edition of the School Competition of Gaiata mockup Ciutat de CAstello.

In the plenary hall of the Castellon Town Hall, the young gaiata artists sat on the benches converted for a while in the councilmen of our city: councilors of culture, finance, health, education, sports, parties … not now, but perhaps tomorrow if they have the privilege and the enormous responsibility to occupy one of those posts and to direct the destiny of CAstellon. When that happens, they will remember that day proud of having contributed to write a small part of the history of our people.

They are the Gaiateros artists of the future, with an imagination that has no end, with a creativity that every year continues surprising us. With the most unsuspected materials and often defying the law of gravity, have managed to create magnificent works, worthy of the best artists .

Little by little they were approached until the stage, the winners of the different categories. The children’s queen was giving delivery of the corresponding prizes:

Winner Student’s school:

Isidoro andres

Winner in local phase:

Valeria Bosch, Claudia Sanz, Alexia Celdran and Ruth Celdran, Maria Ramos, XavierTorner, Javier Tormo, Pablo Arribas, Yesica Cristina, Oscar Aicart, Pascual Moliner, Laia Monzon and Daniel Camañes Also Gabriela Sifre,, Andres Altaba, Hugo Camañes, Daniel Brady, Iker Tena, Carlos Tudela, Javier Ponce, Lluna Moraru, Izan Flor, Paula Garcia, Alex Diaz, Adrian de la Prida,, Ariadna De la Llave, Raul Conatanti, Alejandro Hospitaleche, Carlos Delgado, Alenxandru gabriel, Lucia Martinez, Larisa Isache, David Roig, ,Marc Gozalbo, Ya Ting Qiu, Laura Montealegre, Alba Fernández, Miquel Arin, Miguel Balfagon, Alba Baldayo, Nuria Carbo, Alba Sales, Raquel Canales


Marta Canales, Maria Sánchez, Leire Pons, Amanda Pastor, Ferran Leon, Balma Martí, Alba Godoy

Third prize:

Carlos Daniel Buciumean.

Second prize:

Sandra Espuig Aragones.

First prize:

Javier Godes Garbí.

After the ceremony, and after a beautiful group photo on the steps of the Town Hall, children and parents would move to the shopping center CArrefour, on the avenue of the sea, to exchange vouchers for the final prizes.

A very emotional afternoon for the whole family and for the organizers. One more year, we have co-followed, and we will continue fighting for the continuity of this wonderful contest.


Fotos cortesía de Ediciones Digitales Muphy

Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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