The visit of the Three Wise Men of the East

At four o’clock in the afternoon arrived HM the Kings of the East, punctual to their appointment with our city, and they did it as always by sea, in a boat that picked them up in the Columbretes Islands and took them to Puerto del Grao. Thousands of children awaited them there, led by the Children’s Queen of the Festivities and its Court of Honor, as well as the Queen of Grao and the Mayor of Castellón among other authorities.

Those little faces of happiness to see the Kings of the East and all the magic that surrounds them, soon moved to the center of the city. There the cavalcade was celebrated in honor of HM the Magi, and in the tribune of authorities, next to the child queen Lucia and her ladies of the city, sat the godmothers and the presidents, big and small, of all the gaiatas of the city. Among them, our maximum representatives for the Magdalena of 2018, Àgueda, Nagore and Iker, accompanied by President Elisabeth.

After the parade, and after listening to the important messages that the kings had to give to all the boys and girls of Castellón in the Plaza Mayor, the sequiolos moved to our Cau.

Dinner in brotherhood and a long wait. We had asked for it with great force, especially King Melchor, and finally HM the Magi of the East did not miss his appointment with the Sequiol.

Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar entered the interior of the Cau preceded by a shower of sweets, thrown by the pages, and already sitting on their royal thrones, made reality the dreams of everyone with the distribution of gifts, a very sure advance of those who I was waiting for that night at everyone’s house.

With the surprise and disbelief of some, the innocence of the youngest, and the smile of all, were delivering the gifts they brought in their luggage.

The magical night of Kings, the night of illusion, the night of the gifts, the most awaited night by the little ones of the house, well, of the small ones and not so small, since in the background, we all keep inside the child or girl we went once.

One more year, the Kings delighted everyone in a party full of magic and illusion. Until next year, HM, we’ll wait for you here!


Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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