Approaching the key dates for the gaiatero world, the act of Proclamation of Carla Sánchez Aranda, as Na Violant d Hongria for the 2023 festival, has taken place.

This event occurred last Saturday, February 4, at the Teatro Principal of Castellón, where Carla and her six company ladies, Marta, María, Beatriz, Belén, Lidia, and Miriam, received their respective badges.

An event in which the “Germandat dels Cavallers de la Conquesta” officially presented its top representative for the upcoming Magdalena festival. Our Madrina, Adriana Llopis Pascual, proudly attended the event, accompanied by all the Madrinas of the other gaiateras commissions.

We congratulate Carla for having received her badge as Na Violant d’Hongria 2023, and to all her ladies, of course.

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