Presentation Hoguera Explanada de Alicante

Fruit of the numerous twinnings between the cities of Castellón and Alicante, a small representation of the gaiata 15 Sequiol moved to the capital of Alicante, to attend the presentation and proclamation of the Beauties 2,018 of the Hoguera the Explanada and its ladies of Honor.
Thus in the auditorium of the “Concha” on the promenade of the explanada de España, the highest child representatives of Sequiol for the Magdalena 2.018, Nagore and Iker, made an offering to the Beauty child Sofia and Irene Beauty, on the day of his proclamation.
A very emotional act, with a small shock by the rain and wind, but that finally was carried out with a great success of the public and a very pleasant atmosphere on the shores of the Alicante Sea.
Thank you friends of Alicante for allowing us to live such a beautiful experience.

Fotos cortesía de Sequiol

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