Presentation Gaiata 19″CULTURAL LA”

The Gaiata 19 started in the new schedule at 8.At the rhythm of Caribbean salas, the members of the commission took the stage, until her max. representatives girl Alicia Moya, Miss Noelia Lerin and children’s president Izan Vela together with President MAria Dolores Zabalza Prieto.
A show directed by our dear Javier Roig that was also named Gaiater de honor of the gaiata 19.At the end of the event we received the visit of the gaiata 6 “Farola -Ravalet” who invited us to their presentation to our offices Lourdes ,Alejandra and Manel accompanied by our sequis.

Congratulations Gaiata 19 Good Luck Gaiata 6!

Fotos cortesía Gaiata 15 Sequiol

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