Gala Pyrotechnics

When the thunders of the mascleta and despertà still ring in the streets of the city, when in the sky the thousand and one palm trees of the fireworks castles or the sparks of correfocs and the nymphic magic still make us run, Finally, the intense and unique smell of dust, reminds us that until a few days ago, Castells lived their great holidays, when all that we still carry impregnated in memory, the world of the party, reunited on Saturday 1 Of April in the palau of the celebration to pay homage to the pirotecnico gentlemen and at the same time give to know the prizes of the contest of mascletaes Ciutat de Castelló.

In a simple but emotional act, one by one the companies that participated in the pyrotechnics of these festivities, were collected from the hands of the queens of the festivities, the presisdent of the party meeting and the lieutenant of Mayor Rafa Simó, a detail by Its passage in this week of celebrations, to give way then to the release of the prizes of this year, as we have already mentioned.

And although the winner of the contest was the pyrotechnic company of Murcia, Hermanos Ferrandez, who fired his mascleta last Sunday, the real winners were all those who enjoyed the powder.
The event was attended by companies and entities that were present in this magdalena, in addition to the political representation of the city council, local and national security bodies and the world of the party, among which were our positions, Bea, Teresa and MArcos, accompanied by Elisabeth.Although this was not the only sequiolera presence, since it had to add the presence of Queen Estefania a real sequiolera and, in the jury qualifier of the contest, was also Agustin and as organizers of the gala two more Jorge and Javier.


Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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