Exaltation Falla Les Arts Valencia

P.Albereda – Avda. de França
In the Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia we celebrate the exaltation of the Fallera Mayor of the Falla de les arts, Miss Cristina Segrera Pérez. This is the first act from our Valencian friends that we were
invited in their house, which we are Twinned recently. Although our Madrina Beatriz was in the Fitur in Madrid, Sequiol didn’t failure to the date and went with their maximum represenations our
kids: Madrina Teresa and our President Marcos.

Next day, with the same protocol, our kids repite the visit and went to the offering of the fallera comission, althoug this time paid homage to the Fallera Mayor Infantil of the Falla de
les Arts Kid Mariola García Moreno and the kid president Javier Bermajo Chismol.

Falla’s friends with the president Manuel Cabrera Faus welcomed us very well in their house from here we reiterate our sincere thanks.

Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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