Christening Gaiatas

We Enter the final line and proof of this is the movement that is generated around the warehouses where the different Gaiatas are built.
Sequiol chose Day 3 to baptize his two GAiatas “Sequiota de llum, font de lluminaries ” y “Ramell il. Luminat “, the two works conceived by Jose Vicente Monroig (La Mayor) and Javier Rodriguez (La Infantil) and built by the professionals of the Slaughterhouse.
The Cava Bath for both was made by our representative. Both commissions dressed in their best galas accompanied Andrea, Natalia and Marc.LA Fiesta moved to the headquarters of the Seqiuol where we enjoyed a lively day. In the warehouses, the GAiatas followed their slow but unstoppable growth in pursuit of the Execlencia with which Sequiol performs their works.

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