Exaltation of the Falleras Mayores of Barri València in Burriana

Christmas was approaching and the chapter of the Gaiata Presentations was temporarily closed at the Palau de la Festa on the same day that our Burriana sister Falla, Barri València, celebrated the Exaltation of the Falleras Mayores and their Courts of Honor.

In “La Llar Fallera”, our maximum representatives Àgueda, Nagore and Iker, attended the beloved act of Exaltation of the Infantile Fallera Mayor, Andrea Dolz Tornador, and the Fallera Mayor, Judith Navarro Marzá, accompanied by the Infant President, Andrea Francisco Mateo , Presidents Fausto Feliu Torner and Carlos Ventura Estellés, and their Courts of Honor.

Under the slogan “Falles, escrivim historia viva” and with a magnificent decoration with giant books, the numerous representation of the falla was accessing the stage, closing the parade with its Falleras Mayores.

Superb evening with our friends from Burriana, who made us feel like home again.

Fotos cortesía de A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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