Presentation Gaiata 11 “Forn del Pla”

The Phantom of the Opera appeared in the show as the principal theme in the act of their presentation act of the 11th Gaiata “Forn del Pla” there they made some coreographies and all of the members of the comission appeared clossing the act the parade of the “madrinas” of the 2017 María Gomez Vicente and Estela Bastilda Ferrara, and the president of the the Gaiata too Luis Sánchez Muñoz.

Once the act finished as it is a tradition all of us received in our places the visit of important reprentations of the Gaiata 18th “Crèmor” Ines Llorens Diaz, which is the kid “madrina” with the kid president Alvaro Navarro Viera and the Madrina Nadia Mas Gasulla with the president Jose Antonio Lleó Rubio.

Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

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