Presentation Gaiata 10 “El Toll”

On saturday 1st of october it was the presentation of the gaiata 1oth of “El Toll”.

It started the month of october with the story of  “La nueva era del Toll” and this story was the connector to the presentation of Martina Bellido Aguera  and Laura  Palomo Martí as the “Madrinas” from this Gaiata, and also the kid president Enzo Montañés Agüera and the president of the comission Eugenia Gasch Agüera with the rest of the persons of this Gaiata.

Meanwhile in our place we recieved the visit of the important people of the 19th Gaiata “La cultural” Cristina Templador Archives and Balma Porcar García  with the kid president Rubén Fernández Gaviño, accompanied by the president Luis Fernández Fernández.

Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”

Photos courtesy of Ediciones Digitales Muphy

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