Port Aventura

On Saturday in the morning, around 08:00 o’clock, a lot of our “sequioleros”, the big and the little ones all together went in a bus to the wellknown park named “Port aventura” to have a great experience and to have fun in a different day, so we changed our every days rutines to other ones such as to watch shows in china town or in the west area, to go up to water attractions or roller coaster in the mediterranian coast and so on ….

It was a very hot day plenty of emotions, lots of fun, and some of us were at the end very tired, for that reason a lot of our little kids, and some not that young arrived to the bus and slept in their seating places.


Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”


Photos courtesy of A.C. Gaiata 15 “Sequiol”


Photos courtesy of María José Sisamón


Photos courtesy of Soledad Claramonte


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